Wednesday, 3 December 2008

El piso es tu amigo

Wednesday afternoon class with Oscar. La pisa es tu amiga (?the floor is your friend), stay down on it and stay firm. A simple sequence but the moves can be high or low, long or short, an expressive variety. He really emphasises the dynamics, the logic and geometry, of how moves are led, more than anyone else. The need to turn, to bend the knees or stand upright, in order to create the response in your partner. By and large I've always learned choreographies in class and from the internet: here it is necessary to learn body awareness and movement, and it's not easy. It's wearying and depressing, but I have a feeling that I just need to keep at it. I'm learning the dance from the inside: what I need to get right is actually not that complex, and learning like this makes complete sense.

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