Saturday, 21 February 2015

More on Troilo and the arrangers

Many thanks to Mike Lavocah for taking the trouble to email and correct me on the story of Troilo and his arrangers. He writes:

'Troilo's main arrangers in those years (1941-1944) were Argentino Galván and the neglected Héctor María Artola. Piazzolla made only ten arrangements back then. He was the main arranger for the band for a time, but much later, in the early 1950s. This information and more besides is in my book on Troilo - I worked hard to research the contribution of the arrangers, as they were such an important part of the Troilo story.'

I relied (as usual) on the information on Todotango which is curiously and sadly incomplete: it says Galván arranged for Troilo in 1940 and in 1945, and makes no mention of his prominent part in that astonishing run of recordings between those years.

I wish I'd seen Mike's book, Troilo, earlier. I got hold of it a couple of days ago. It's a great combination of stories about the people, and insight into the music, how it was made and played. It's researched with access to the Troilo archives in Buenos Aires and includes a discography that mentions the arrangers whenever possible. It's wonderful to have such an excellent and readable account of the people and the music in English, and I can only hope that there will be similar works on other great tango musicians.

It's a great read. 'Troilo... is loved by everybody because he loved everybody. He extended the hand of friendship to everyone, placing himself as the model of humanity. He is everyman, and his music speaks to, and for, everyman.'

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Two interviews with Ricardo Vidort

Many thanks to Jantango for posting links to two interviews with Ricardo Vidort. Both are full of insights both into tango and into human life and nature. The second is particularly significant: I assume it is from the film made by the hospice where Ricardo passed away, as part of a record of the insights of people who are dying. It feels like an exceptional privilege to be able to listen to it. There's no indication if this is the entire section featuring Ricardo, or whether the film includes more.

I also received the following comment from Tom Tubbs concerning the unpublished Ricardo Vidort website: 'Any detail on the unpublished site? Is there any contact that people could drop a line of encouragement to? His notes on his class might be very interesting to read.'

Is there any contact that people could drop a line of encouragement to?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Martha Anton

Very sad to read Irene and Man Yung's post about the death of Martha Anton earlier today. Canyengue classes with her and Manolo were always one of the highlights of my visits to Buenos Aires, and it was a privilege during a class when Martha would say, right, dance with me! One of the friendliest people I've met. Amazingly she'd always recognise me from visit to visit. All those wonderful people leaving us, one by one. & I've always been looking forward to turning up at their classes again, and her looking at me: you again! How much do you remember?