Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Pablo Veron

Oops, got my Castellano wrong. I've been calling the code of communication in a milonga the 'cabeza' which means 'head'. Here's from the wonderful www.tangoandchaos.org : 'Cabeza” means “head” in Spanish, and “cabeceo” is the castellano word that refers to the nod of the head that is used to signal the offer and acceptance of dances at a milonga.'

I should have written 'cabeceo'. If you need to know more about 'cabeceo' (and you won't get much dancing in BsAs unless you understand it) this contains a guide of conduct.

& for something quite different. Pablo Veron, beginning to look too much like Frank Zappa. This video been around for a year and seems to be something he made, choreographed and composed music just for the fun of it. & it is fun. He's a great mover: wish I had a few grams of his speed and suppleness, although I enjoy his hip hop more than his tango.

There's a very interesting interview in the current el tangauta (which you can download if you sign up) although the translation isn't always clear. He's returned to live in Buenos Aires because of the 'economic, political and social tension' in France. He's pretty scathing about the use of the term 'tango nuevo', about its commercial basis and about the implied cut-off from the past of tango, 'the most complex, deep and paradigmatic partner dance that exists'. Interesting reading.

He points out that there's nothing 'nuevo' about 'nuevo'. Here's Todaro and his daughter: Todaro was born in 1929, so this film must be early to mid 50s, and must show every supposedly 'nuevo' move in the book.

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