Friday, 5 December 2008

Oscar's classes

"Plant a tree, Bring up a child, Write a book, AUTOMATE YOUR CURTAINS: Systems for roller blinds in fabric, plastic and aluminium." Ad on the subte: the important things in life.

The general level of courtesy here is high but erratic: when someone gets into the lift with me they invariably open the doors and invite me to leave at the ground floor. If I manage to invite them to leave first, they thank me. But all this goes out the window when it comes to getting onto a crowded subte carriage. The lift, incidentally has doors that have to be opened: I remember, half asleep the first few days, standing waiting for the lift doors to open.

Oscar: try using steps that are slow or quick, low or high, long or short, and you can make your dance so much more interesting without even learning anything new.

The problem with his classes is not that he teaches anything very difficult, although it's usually new and interesting, but that there have almost always been more men than women, and even if he asks everyone to change they are often dancing as couples and don't want to. Fair enough, but I tend to get less practice time. He does teach with Mary Ann and his daughter, who are very helpful, although they tend to be busy helping the dancing couples.

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