Monday, 25 August 2008

Two weeks ago I ended up having a great time with an Argentinian tango partner... & last week, same venue (the Dome) I asked someone I'd danced with at the class. I knew she was hesitant but OK with all the basics -- and again I had a great time, different, but very enjoyable, perhaps more personal, since it's necessary to take more care of a partner who isn't so practiced, and since she will be more surprised and pleased. We started out in a relatively open embrace but as she relaxed she found it comfortable to be closer. & I began to get the sense I only get with some very practiced dancers that I am placing her feet, especially in ochos, which means I have better control of the direction we travel in. I can probably do this with anyone: it just means turning and being very clear.

Seeing L'Aventura again: all I could remember of it was Monica Vitti's hair in the wind. Seeing it again, I wonder if that might be the best part of it. OK, it's a long and ambitious project, but I suspect the screenplay isn't well-realised. The film seems static and episodic in a rather dull way. Great sets - the Aeolian Isles, and Sicily, but very static. At least Monica Vitti's hair moves! The film involves characters, but they are one-dimensional and rather unbelievable.

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