Tuesday, 19 August 2008

...but I have to conclude I didn't dance too well on Saturday largely, I think, because I danced a lot. Sitting out and watching for a few tandas is great for seeing/remembering movements and connections, for refreshing the attention and hearing. Otherwise it gets seriously repetitive and I don't enjoy it.

& I wrote that I really like some partners, as if there were some I don't really like, which isn't the case. Partly, I tend to dance with partners I know, and those I've got to know better tend to be those I like more, inevitably. But it's worth noting that it seems possible to like everyone at a milonga: perhaps it goes with the territory. There are partners I wouldn't dance with but that's usually for technical reasons like they don't seem to hear the compas clearly or are just too proficient for my level. & I hesitate to dance with tall partners because it's not always comfortable to dance closehold with a tall partner, although it can be good.

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