Thursday, 14 August 2008

Returning to the Dome after weeks... Perhaps there's an advantage in expecting little. I just hoped to see a few old friends... get a few dances. Nothing too much as it's not been much good recently. The class, OK, so I have difficulty with some right turns, but no problem to the left. I like the beginning of classes: the moves are easy, nothing much is expected, a few simple moves and I keep to the music, make a dance of an exercise. Which may be why one one of the partners came over to me afterwards, and we started to dance right off. She used a totally full embrace from the start (slightly familiar, that one!) eager, warm, wonderfully ready to be led, a closeness and enthusiasm that weren't at all English, but to which I responded willingly. And she expects to keep the full embrace or at least chest in front of chest even in turns, So where is she from? Begs the question, where am I from, too. We had five, six, seven wonderfully enthusiastic dances and are about to part when... a vals tanda starts. We look at each other because we know what fun it's going to be, and off we go. Couldn't be better. She was from Argentina: where else. I looked out for her later: most of the evening she was talking to a thin, tallish guy I'd never seen there before. I'd never seen her there before, either, but that's tango. All of a sudden you find someone you dance passionately with, and then, all of a sudden it's as if nothing had happened.

& S was there later, and we had a few excellent dances too, as ever: she flies around. So I woke up happy this morning. Went for a first Alexander session this pm: letting the body sort itself out. It knows, naturally. So instead of stretching a stiff neck a bit forcefully, maybe look for the tensions that have created it.

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