Sunday, 10 August 2008

'L'intrus' Claire Denis again. The great addition of 'extras' to DVD: how 'Vertigo' was made and restored, Raoul Coutard on working with Godard, Bresson on his work, actors from Bresson films on how the making of the films affected them. And Claire Denis, at length on 'L'Intrus'. It started from a short (13 page) text by Jean-Luc Nancy, which I found and downloaded: the first few paras are his thoughts on intrusion and the intruder in general, and develops into the desperate story of the heart transplant he had, it's rejection and his subsequent struggle with cancer caused by the anti-rejection drugs. Levels of intrusion. Reading this, she said, affected her profoundly, and the film arose out of this. She says everything is in the text: Nancy himself queried this, and she says she assured him, everything. But the character played by Subor (le petit soldat) is made out to be heartless, callous, certainly unlike Nancy (who has survived all the medical complications).

The film is visually extraordinary: it seems to have time to dwell on visual detail without interrupting the story. The story is told with little narration: you have to look to find out what is happening. It is often unclear: flash backs which could be nightmares of Subor's past, which remains mysterious. What is being 'told' is the story of rejection, of death, of whose death isn't eventually clear.

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