Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two or three things I know about her: the next Godard on the list. Background of mid-60s Paris being torn down and rebuilt: 'her' the actress and Paris. I don't remember a great deal of it, except the narrator's voice (Godard) and the extraordinary bubbles whirling round on an espress: they seem to take on characters and stories of their own. 'If you can't afford LSD buy a TV'.

Masculin Feminin: Leaud, ex-army, finding life confusing. He takes to interviewing women. The interview was taken seriously at that time: intimate questions were asked and answered. His girl friend is becoming a pop star, like Sandie Shaw. Somehow the shallowness of consumerist pop 60s is focussed by Leaud, but sometimes I had the irreverent thought that women were being interviewed for the role of the next Mme Godard. Even Bardot is there, being given instructions on how to read a passage of text. Like a series of screen tests. Yes, one of the women answers back, in the end. In the end we learn he has fallen from a balcony of a tower block. Not really a stunning film but, as usual with Jean-Luc, there's much to think about. Not Coutard, and it shows. The mono is muddy and unclear, the cool silver greys just aren't there.

& A Man Escaped. Catching up on Bresson. Slow relentless accumulation of detail, the pitiless world of prison, as dehumanised as possible, the death-defying escape. Astonishing and of course recent memory when it was made.

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