Monday, 13 October 2008

Films: The Beast. One of the most bizarre film fantasies I've ever seen. Can't really be compared to The Holy Mountain, but what can? No such outrageous visual imagination, under such complete control. No such luck.

Syndromes and a Century. Can't find the exact translation of the Thai: I believe it means 'Light and Century'. Interview with the director Apochatpong Weerasethakul: he's fascinated by people in light. In the first half it's mainly natural, and in the second, indoors, artificial. Nothing much happens, which means that lots happens. As he says, there's a lot of plot, but none of it leads anywhere. A lot of long takes of nothing very much. The interaction of the people, and their lives, is very charming, engaging. A lot of mirroring: at two interviews (with a different interviewee) the dialogue is the same. A group of boys in a corridor, one stoops to tie a shoelace: a group of girls, one stoops to tie a shoelace. The outdoor sequences are very natural and charming: people surrounded by vegetation: contrasted with the aseptic corridoors and rooms of the hospital.

'Worldly Desires' included on the DVD. A film crew are filming in the jungle a girl pop group singing about their parents' love: they also seem to be filming a couple searching desperately thru the jungle for a tree(?) The image of the couple, isolated, usually framed in a viewfinder, stumbling thru jungle, contrasted with the casual relaxed existance of the crew.

& he doesn't use professional actors, for much the same reasons as Robert Bresson. & it works. No sense of performance.

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