Thursday, 9 October 2008

29 August: Waking and leaving the house at first light, thinking for no apparent reason of L'Intrus, and noticing suddenly that the main character is very much the inverse of Jean-Luc Nancy, on whose medical condition the film is based. & he dies, tho Jean-Luc Nancy is still alive. So much the inverse that it must be intentional. So much of that film reamins mysterious, but it is so assured and certain of itself it reamisn clear. I'd been talking to Chris about it at the Dome, so I'd been thinking of it.

Three weeks at the Dome, each week one dance stood out, a dance with a parner I hadn't met before and who turned out to be 'foreign': an Argentinian, a Frenchwoman and an Italian from Palermo. The latter, this week, we went straight into energetic valse. She seemed very sure, and we danced close. Didn't seem to speak much English. I hadn't seen her there before and didn't notice her again. Wonderful that a happy time can arise between cmplete strangers who have no linguistic communication.

Dance is special. Kate immersing herself in a seriously tough ballet course over the summer. Interesting. She really values strength in herself and other women. My impresssion tht really tango to her isn't much of a challenge. I wonder about working that hard at it. Performing requires great discipline. Perhaps the creative side of tango just isn't amenable to that kind of pressure and training. You need to be absorbed in it continually so the mind remains occupied by the music and movements, but I wonder if hours and hours of training really can make a better dancer. I propose to find out this winter.

Lyons, after an hour or so of upland farmland and forest, rolling felds of cattle. A relief to have sunshine after the last month in the UK. New prints taking forward what I found in the 'Worlds' but opening it out and simplifying. Opening, the paper as part of the area. Perhaps silkscreen vegetation overprinted with wood figure.

Dances that end with a little laugh, and those that just finish. The laugh is the release of tension, but it's not a stressed tension, the opposite. Attention, and the pleasure of finishing something together. These are always the best dances. A sign of emotional involvement, and it's usually reciprocal. As if you've spent the last three minutes holding your breath.

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