Thursday, 9 October 2008

30 August: Gordon Douglas at the Lambert (Avignon). Couldn't contrast more with Twombly last year. All darkened windows, tinted deep or closed over, not a direct trace of a human hand, video, 'slogans' on the walls, old film posters. A hermetic, closed-in world: unlike the coloured marks of Twombly that invited in the light, the videos present a fragmentary vision, unless you watch for ever. The big main upper rooms, normally overlooking gardens from big windows, the windows covered over and just two big video screens with close-up of an elephant walking, close-up of the feet. Fragmenting, and a bit lost in the gloom. It's called 'Where are the keys?'

31 August. Red squirrels playing around the campsite trees, too wary for me to photograph them. No side effects from an evening of tasting the best Cote du Rhone. Packing in the morning.

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