Sunday, 12 October 2008

Carieres d'ochre: the dust sticks. People's pants are coloured if they sit down. Something sticky, clay-like, although really it is sand. Altamira earth is actually greasy, rather than powdery.

Monday 1 Sept. Lightning on the horizon last night, but a clear night so full of stars I'd not seen since Bonnieux 10 years ago, waking thru dawn. Magic, meaning that is way outside mundane experience. Walking in intense dark with the stories of the stars. New moon soon. Later, thunder in the distance, but Monday dawns clear, warm autumn suchshine, coffee in Rustrel. Leaves beginning to yellow on the plane trees.

Ochre in the blood: ochre is iron, iron in the blood, blood-red. Strenth is iron. For 100 years ochre and iron supported this area.

Good to be able to live out of doors again.

Wednesday 3 Sept. The little laugh at the end of the dance. After Milonga it is a bit different, the laugh of having kept something together?

Antibes has beconme a state of mind, always pesent, sometimes more so than at other times, always the same, olluted, restless, over-run, planes drone overhead, and still it is desirable.

Lightning flickers on horizon of
a night intense with stars my feet
swallowed by intense darkness:
all that brilliance, stories potential in my mind.
Owls drift screeching over lichen ancient oaks
new moon soon.

Thunder rumbled round the tents at night
but no rain fell. Listening to D'Angelis.
Morning clear and bright, sun hot.
Campsite grove, dry leaves flicker in autumn wind.

Red, big-bellied man in turquoise sea:
'It was very hot until the 28th and
turned stormy since'. Chatting in the sea will soon be

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