Thursday, 14 November 2013

Luisito Ferraris again

Back in 2009 I re-posted sara4tango's video of Luisito Ferraris and Mirta Tiseyra, which delighted me (I still find it breathtaking) and several others, who left comments. Among the comments was one from... Luisito Ferraris, to thank us all, and he left his phone number too. He's Argentine, and I understand he was a companion of Ricardo Vidort in the milongas, and that he moved to Milan a decade or so ago. I talked on the phone to a friend of his about bringing him to London for a few days, but I wasn't in a position to make a firm offer of money, and the talks lapsed. A pity: he's hardly a 90-minute flight away.

Anyway, he resurfaced in a recent video from MullerPatricia. (Sadly, there's very little of him on YouTube.) Luisito is still on his feet, still teaching, which is wonderful, and although it's hard to make out any words, his gestures and body indicate that he's showing how to respond to the sweeping phrases of Di Sarli. & it's wonderful to watch the few moments of dance: he follows the phrases of the music with a calm, effortless elegance, nothing forced, nothing rushed, total attention to the dance. It's beautiful: so that's how you dance to Di Sarli! & how complete and relaxed the embrace is! The quality of dance, the basics of walking are instinctively there, in Luisito of course, but in the partners he dances with too.

Here's a brief quote, if Patricia Müller will permit me, slowed down slightly, and with the aspect ratio approximately corrected.

A few days later a complete tango was posted. The dance is quite active and varied, and on the small scale of social tango. 

This is Patricia Müller's website.

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