Friday, 18 May 2012

Ricardo and Muma

Janis has very kindly drawn my attention to a new video of Ricardo Vidort, always a cause for celebration! & what a video! Ricardo and Muma dancing, no less, and in a milonga too. Sadly it's brief, but that makes it easier to watch over and over. It's wonderful stuff: the beginning is especially magical, the way they glide into view with a musical phrase – but then it's magical throughout.


The music is wonderful, too: Cuatro Palabras by Adolfo Carabelli.

This and other videos, particularly of Muma, are on Bendtango's YouTube channel. Bendtango has also uploaded a cleaned-up version of the video of Muma's Milonga Criolla with El Flaco Dani. One can only be grateful to people like Bendtango who filmed these dances years back, and hope there's more to come! It's through old videos like these that we really get a glimpse of tango at its best.


RealityPivots said...

I'd heard of her; now I've seen her.
Muma is coming to the Seattle area and making a side trip to give lessons in Port Townsend. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

Tangocommuter said...

Lucky you! Make the most of it. Wish we could see her in the UK...