Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Muma with Osvaldo Natucci

Well worth keeping an eye on Bendtango's channel: there's another video of Muma dancing with Ricardo Vidort that appeared there about a week ago. But there's also a condensed version of a vals tanda of Muma dancing with Osvaldo Natucci (in light shirt and hair) at El Beso in 2000, which I keep watching over and over. It brings it all back! & it's as well filmed as could be, given how close everything is, and the rather low lighting levels. Really a sense of sitting right there, watching the surging movements of the torsos, and looking down at the tiny neat steps, absolutely in time with the music, that keep couples gliding around, seeing just how close people are dancing. It could be more crowded, but I'd say this is about optimal: you wouldn't want more people, or it gets difficult, but there are enough to create a real buzz. Osvaldo holding Muma with real care and affection, and Muma looking totally radiant. Guys, do your partners look anything like this relaxed and happy when you lead them? Something to work for, isn't it?
Wonderful. Thanks Bendtango.

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