Friday, 11 July 2008

So this has all got very out of date because of the exhibition and related work. Much to catch up on.

Films first: the torture scene in Petit Soldat was familiar because Godard included it in his piece in '10 minutes', an extraordinary (what else from Godard) short 'Dans le noir du temps', a collage of his work and of events witnessed on film in his lifetime. The end of time, the end of love, the end of kindness..

'I can't grasp much of anything without putting down my thoughts in writing... Otherwise I'd never know what running means to me' wrote Haruki Murakami, and it set me wondering whether I might know better what tango means to me by writing. Which was the purpose of this blog in the first place, but it seems to have diverted itself to finding out what film means to me.

Talking to a friend after the Wednesday class: she regards me truly as a tango addict and says she likes it, but isn't that addicted. But I thought that the point is the addiction to dance, and she dances contemporary as well as tango. The start is dance, and you end up in what suits you best. So I'm not a tango addict as much as a dance addict. & I dance as much as I can because you can't do anything well without doing it a lot, and if it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing well.

Highlights of the past month: eating cherries from a tree I planted last year. Just a few, sharp and full of taste. & leaving the gallery at 5 last Monday, looking back at a really good exhibition. The culmination of months of work.

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