Thursday, 13 March 2008

Two couples (at least) dancing very extravagant nuevo at the Dome last night: definitely tango acrobatico. S had been watching one and said what a good dancer the leader was: I'd nearly been knocked out of the ring by him, so I wasn't so sure. These dancers need a lot of space to themselves. What is worse is when they deliberately ignore anyone around them to the point of not even apologizing when they make contact, contact that is enough to knock you over, that is. But at least I was dancing with S... even if it was the last three dances, and only three, before the rush to catch the train. She's so easy to move with.

Can I continue this headlong evening of train, a few hours of dance, the necessity of keeping an eye on the time, and the long ride down to the coast on the last train? Been looking at alternatives: Croydon on the Gatwick line is nearer, has 24-hour trains... and property prices are a lot higher. Wouldn't get as much for my money there, but at least it's Victorian build, with (presumably) higher ceilings. Three Bridges: part of the Gatwick conurbation, all new housing, it seems. On the plus side, the light is great in St Ls.

An excellent evening, apart from gyrating acrobatics on the dance floor. Danced with O who commented that it's always a good idea to move round the floor in the wake of a good dancer. & a newcomer, Veronique. Three very enjoyable dances.

Before that, L&R's class as usual. Their usual friendly selves. Salida milonguero, sort of goes round a corner, difficult to know where to start. Then another back-led sequence with back ochos.

Raining: recognisable sound of spring rain, gentle and remorseless (if rain can have remorse.) Buds on the apples and cherries are beginning to open.

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