Sunday, 23 March 2008

A bad week followed by a good week followed by a middling week: why not? L&R's class, as good as ever: contra tiempo runs, which I tried later at the Dome. My partner (E) said 'Very Leandro'. Didn't realise she knew him from way back. Which led me to hunt down vids of Leandro with Andrea Misse, just two, six precious minutes of great dance. Saturday night Crypt: a good evening. Lots of dance. Didn't feel I managed to use the variety of moves I know, but I hope the play with the beat was interesting. Ran into my neighbour and we came back on the train together: turns out to be a cameraman who works with Ken Loach, and a fanatic of milonguero tango, and of the films of Kairosthami too. Maybe we can get some social dancing going down here.

Godard's Weekend: a priceless extra feature by Raoul Coutard who points out that however uninteresting a Godard film may be he can always turn out 20 minutes that is truly amazing. & now I have Fassbinder's Marriage of Eva Braun to watch. Tired. Back late last night and much of the day working, drafts for images, prints that have enough and are bold without being overloaded.

Cold rainy Easter.

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