Thursday, 21 June 2012

Profesors de Tango Argentino!

Google threw this site at me while I was looking for something else. Wonderful! Did you know that with just 450 hours of theoretical and practical courses in France (and a quick visit to Buenos Aires as well!) YOU TOO could become a Profesor de Tango Argentino, with a Diploma to prove it! Sadly, I can't afford it, but I think we should all look out for those Profesors de Tango Argentino with their Diplomas.
So we can do a quick 'giro', maybe with the tiniest 'voleo', and then an urgent 'caminata' in the opposite direction...
Seriously, though, isn't it sad? Worse, it's a scam. Or... well, maybe not. After all, yes, you could learn some stage choreography in 450 hours, and you could learn how to pass it on, too. But at the end of 450 hours, could you dance tango! (Technically it's a question and should have a question mark, but it's a joke, so it has to have an exclamation mark.)
I'm pretty sure there are schemes like this in Buenos Aires too. & it's a terrifying prospect for the future of tango, all those Profesors with their Diplomas. Hopefully, no one will take them seriously, but you never know.


Janis said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting site. They're all about training in choreography. Just what we need--more performers. Forget about social dancing.

Hernan Villegas looked awfully familiar to me. After viewing a video in which he has a mustache, I recognized him as my neighbor on the corner of Pichincha and Chile.

Tangocommuter said...

About choreography? & I thought it was about money! Hope I'm wrong.