Thursday, 27 November 2008


Not only does every building have at least one radio/TV mast (& they must be between 30 and 50 metres high, and some much more) but you start to notice that every building is connected to every other building with cables: roof to roof, roof to ground, ground to roof, across the streets, a real city-wide web of cabling.

Before I came here I wondered about the outcome of this trip. The unrealistic one is going back as a really good tango partner. Or going back a lot more confident and with more variety. Or going back completely confused by having learnt so much (a friend said she knows someone this happened to). I added another one today, after a milonga class: giving it up completely and never even thinking of tango again. The kind of thought that comes to me after a milonga class, after a busy morning chasing round the streets to buy a mobile in Spanish (pre-pago, y sin contrato) and not eating. 1pm is an awkward time: I'd want to eat at 11 but there's not much around, so I tried leaving it until after the class, but it just didn't work. Two medialunas and a slice of toast at 10.30 don't give much support to a milonga class at 14.30. If the flat had a decent stove I could at least fix an omlette before going out; guess I'll just have to switch it on an hour in advance.

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