Sunday, 6 April 2008

It wouldn't be fair to say it was a truly memorable night at the Crypt, because that's what I always think, but it was, nonetheless, a truly wonderful evening of dance, almost non-stop from 8.30 to 12.30. & the great thing is, I 'm hardly tired the next day. I just kept finding partners, and Nikki's music kept coming. 'Tango is a state of grace' as someone once said. Just occasionally it feels like it.
It was the night I first danced a really long set with L from the Tangosoul class. We just went on and on, there was no question of quitting until we were both too tired to continue and it was nearly the end of the evening. I get repetitive when I get tired. Never danced much with her before, but hope to again.

Snow. I went out into the street at 9.30 this morning, big wet flakes. Then the long way back, thru Ashford and across the marshes because of track work on the direct route. The snow arrived here late afternoon, the same big wet flakes. But temperatures aren't that low and it will melt fast.

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