Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sylvia 2

I'm beginning to realise how much I habitually dance without total attention to the music: in time to the music, that is, but not totally aware of it. I'm having to get hold of material I haven't used before, and do it with unwavering attention to the music, too. I'm also expected to lead much more clearly and expressively with the torso and shoulders. It's a great experience, and hard work. Added to which: 'Stop thinking! I can hear you thinking!' She won't guess at what I'm leading. If she isn't led clearly, she won't do anything. 'When I danced with Tete I never knew what he was going to do next. No one ever knew what he was going to do next.'

A while back it occurred to me that 'just dancing around' might be a good way to introduce the feel of tango music to beginners, and I wrote a post about it. & now it's turned back on me: 'Just dance around, let me see you enjoy the music!' Suddenly I'm on my own with the music in a practice room, and with someone watching, and it's not so easy...


Chris said...

"'Stop thinking! I can hear you thinking!'

Excellent! :) Reminds me of my last lesson with Tete, him crying out "Musica, musica, musica! Mujer, mujer, mujer!"

Dieudonne said...

This is hilarious! I remember him behind me pushing me to go faster and faster, and me thinking: "faster, faster, if I go any faster, I am going to fall!"

Tangocommuter said...

Many thanks for sharing those wonderful stories about Tete teaching. I remember classes with them and Tete would suddenly shout out 'Sin pensamiento!', as if he could detect something like a change in aura, the change back to thinking. & 'Pausa!' he'd shout from his table as I went by with a partner.

Despite what Chris says, I'm coming to the conclusion that not only was he one of the very best teachers, but that he was also very dedicated to teaching. Despite his boisterous persona, I think he cared deeply about teaching, and gave everything he could.

Thanks once again for remembering him.