Monday, 22 August 2011

Cachirulo at Villa Malcolm

After the much-loved Maipu 444 location had to close down, the Saturday-night Cachirulo moved out to Villa Malcolm.

There's doesn't seem to be any big effort by organisers in BsAs to make the lighting 'romantic'. Just whatever lighting is there seems to be acceptable. Maipu 444 always used to have good, clear light, but that was unusual. At Canning some units that look like big LEDs have been installed and give some coloured light, but otherwise don't make a lot of difference: Canning was always on the murky side. The lighting at Villa Malcolm is drab, and it's a fair-sized drab hall. But the sound is great: a lot of big speaker units give a big, well-balanced and powerful sound that doesn't interfere too much with conversation, if you have to talk. The Villa Malcolm hall is spacious, and probably a comfortable place in summer, but it's draughty when a cold wind blows in winter.

I've watched a lot of dancing since I arrived, and it's a wonderful sight, people deeply and intently involved in the music and each other. A few dance for display, to impress, but most dance with tenderness, energy and easy skill, and it's great to watch.

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