Thursday, 11 August 2011


I'm not taking part in the milongueando, but got invited to the showing of a film by French film maker Odile Fillon, called Tete and Silvia: milongueros, which opened the milongueando, as a tribute to Tete. There are several films about Tete, but this stands out because it shows Tete as a lively living person as well as a great tanguero. He did all the bad things one should be too polite to do; making comments to all the women in classes, calling out to attract attention at milongas ('Over here: look over here!'), making comments to dancers as they passed by, sometimes cheerfully breaking all the codigos in order to get a dance. 'I fall in love with all the women and want to dance with them all: is there something wrong with that?'

It was quite an emotional showing because the human being came over very strongly. There were many in the audience who'd known him, and I think the rest were sad they'd never met him. There's a great sequence of class at Maipu 444, with a lot of good advice like, 'Hold your head high when you turn, so you don't get dizzy'.

Not on general release yet (and sadly never will be!) but I'll post if it becomes available.


jantango said...

The film is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, August 28 at 17 hs at the Exposition Center during the Festival in BsAs. Free entrada.

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Tangocommuter,

Yes! What you describe is certainly the Tete that we encountered. Exuberant, larger-than-life - and always original. The codigo police had fits watching him do his thing at the milonga - line of dance and cabeceo be damned! He was a maverick, but he was also a legend. We miss him, wish he was still here.

Thanks for this,

Irene and Man Yung