Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ricardo Vidort again

In a comment to the previous post, Chris left a link to a video of Ricardo Vidort with Jill Barrett, which I watched again. Then, as I was leaving YouTube, my finger hit a key and this came up.

An amazing find! The first of these tangos with Ricardo Vidort and Myriam Pincen is familiar from the tribute film to Ricardo by Oscar Casas, but the second I've not seen before. It's terrible how rare and precious this kind of footage is; there must be more, and it really needs to be shared.

This seems to be a TV presentation put together from material filmed by Oscar Casas. A little of it also appears on the Practimilongueros interview with Myriam Pincen. It's a performance, but much as would have been improvised any night of the week in any milonga. I rather prefer the footage of Ricardo made during milongas at Lo de Celia, (on Tango and Chaos) as there's the random element of other people on the dance floor, but this is great. More! More!

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