Thursday, 26 June 2014

Silvia Ceriani in London


Silvia Ceriani was the late 'Tete' Rusconi's dancing and teaching partner
for 15 years. Watch them here.

She is a regular DJ at Salon Canning and at La Catedral in Buenos Aires, and has taught and performed as DJ very widely in Europe and the USA. Her UK timetable is:

Friday 4 July, 8-12pm. DJ Silvia at Carablanca milonga, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL.

Monday 7 July evening: private class.

Wednesday 9 July: Tango West, Redland Club, Burlington Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6TN. Programme:

7.30-8.00pm The expressive musicality of the legendary Tete: illustrated talk and film clips, including rare clips of Tete dancing with Pina Bausch.

8.00-9.00pm Musicality workshop with Silvia: dancing tango with expression and musicality.

9.00-11.00pm Practica with international DJ Silvia.

Thursday 10 July: Tangoynadamas, Morganstown Village Hall, Morganstown, Cardiff CF15 8LE. Programme is similar to Bristol.

Sunday 13 July: DJ Silvia at Juntos milonga, London.
Talk and workshop, 11.15 - 1.15. Milonga with DJ Silvia, 1.30 - 5.30. 

For more info, and if you are interested in organising additional events,
please contact this blog.


Klaus said...

I heard Silvia twice at Salon Canning october 2013 and I found the mixe terrible. A lot of music from the years 1960 to 2000.

Tangocommuter said...

Thanks, Klaus. But what are you talking about? Music from 1960-2000: you must be talking about the cortinas I play. What tango is there from these years? Late D'Arienzo or Di Sarli perhaps? I don't even tango from 1960-2000 on my computer! Come on! The tango I play is golden age.