Saturday, 10 September 2011

¡Felices 100 años!

I never realised that Nelly Omar was still alive, and today, September 10, El Tanguata is wishing her Happy Birthday for her 100th birthday! Amazing, and wonderful. Even more amazing and wonderful that she's worked until recently: here is the El Tangauta article, with a track by her from her 2007 album, La Criolla, great music and a voice that is still very strong and clear. It was followed by albums in 2008 and 2009 too (which are on Spotify). She first met Gardel in 1918 when his career was just beginning, and as a teenager went to Gardel gigs in cinemas... I thought Alberto Podestá was the great old survivor, but he's only 87. Here's a biography.

Here's her Desde el Alma recording from 2008. What a voice! (I've just noticed that Jantango has a post on her with a video recording of the same track.)

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Tango Therapist said...

This is inspiring! I added the link you have to her latest album to the Capital Tangueros Facebook page (Washington DC).