Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Teteysilvia is the blog started recently by Silvia Ceriani as the home for her archive of material from the years she danced with 'Tete' Rusconi. She's recently published her second post, the first part of an interview with Tete dating from 2003, covering his recollections of his early years in tango. Like many of his generation, he starts dancing in neighbourhood clubs at the age of 14, where he's seen tango since he was a child. He practices with friends on the street corners, and when he's 18 he can get into the 'confiterias' and salons, where the tango is 'salon', close embrace.

Probably nothing very new here, but there's more to look forward to. Silvia posts the original castellano with an English translation, so posting involves a fair bit of work and doesn't happen regularly. All thanks to Silvia for this.


Melina Sedo said...

Thanks for posting this interview. It shows once more, that Tango de Salon is NOT ONLY the Villa Urquiza Style, as some believe nowadays. And dancing in a close embrace, is NOT AUTOMATICALLY Tango Milonguero , as it was invented by Susanna Miller for the american marked. Tango de Salon is just the term for the social Tango as it is and was danced in the salons, clubs and confiterias. We actually always cite Tete, when we define the term.
so thanks again. looking forward to other posts.

Tangocommuter said...

Glad you found it useful, Melina. I think Tete never liked the description 'milonguero' and always maintained he danced Tango Salon. & there can be no doubt that it's miles away from the stylised would-be elegance of a lot of current Villa Urquiza!

Silvia says she's already working on the next segment and that the whole interview is 'quite extensive'. Do leave a comment on the Teteysilvia blog to encourage her!

Tete y Silvia said...

Thank you everybody for your kind comments!