Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Silvia Ceriani

Silvia was the dance and teaching partner of 'Tete' Rusconi, who died suddenly in January. They started working together in 1996, when she accompanied him to Wuppertal to help train the Pina Bausch company for performances of Nur Du. Since then they've taught throughout Europe, in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Sweden, as well as the USA.

Silvia has now started a blog, teteysilvia.blogspot. She has notes from classes they gave, her own writings, and pieces written out from what Tete said; his thoughts on tango were clear and full of insight. At present she says she's working on notes from a class from 1998, and I look forward to seeing this on her blog. Silvia is fluent in English, and everything appearing on teteysilvia.blogspot is in Spanish and English. Having lived at the heart of tango, she still has a life outside it as an artist and writer, and creator of websites, and is in demand as a DJ too.

She's off on a tour of America later this month. A very experienced teacher in her own right, she says 'I would like to share everything I've learned'. She has friends and well-wishers in many places, and I hope that we can expect her back in Europe before too long. It would be wonderful to see her, and experience her lively energy in London.

P.S. I might have misunderstood what Silvia said about a class from 1998. This video appeared on her YouTube channel today, and it's probably what she was talking about. It's a memorial to her dance partner, with video and photos from different times. Strange to see a lean Tete in the older footage.

Video thanks to Silvibook.

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