Monday, 4 October 2010

...and back

A milonga with a succession of partners I love dancing with, and then a sunny morning. Two things that make me feel good. And on a sunny morning remembering a series of wonderful partners the night before. But it doesn't last. By the time I'm heading south, again, this time homing in on the south coast whence I commute to dance tango, rain is falling and I delve into my .mp3 player for consolation. Fresedo, then Orquesta Escuela. But it's just a distraction from the gloom, it deadens the pain of separation.

Since someone asked a while ago, I'd like to make clear there's no connection between Tangocommuter and TangoCommute. According to the latter's website '...passion for peace is a new dance movement expressing compassion and connectivity during the evening commute in city centres worldwide.' No questioning the ideals behind it, but I'm not quite sure that dancing tango in a train station at rush hour, without (from the viewers view-point) any music at all (and in fact to a soundtrack of announcements), really conveys a passion for peace. If it works, I'm all for it, but it's nothing to do with Tangocommuter. Mine is the hard graft of getting through train stations to reach somewhere I can enjoy dancing.

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