Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tango con dos

It can be done: whether it's worth it, or even worth watching, is another story. It was always possible in jive: there's the famous Willy Ronis photo (Willy Ronis, whose images of post-WW2 southern France capture warmth and well-being, who died last year, aged 99). & I've seen some of the older dancers at the 100 Club manage it well.

But in tango? & in milonga... Here's the milonga: Rubén Terbalca dancing with 2 women a month ago, on his current European visit.

And for tango, Adela Galeazzi, Elba Biscay and Santiago Cantenys in Salon Canning a few years ago.

How can I put it? Perhaps Adela Galeazzi, Elba Biscay and Santiago Cantenys all at once might be too much of a good thing. I'd much rather see 'tango por dos', Santiago dancing with them individually!

Videos thanks to Benomano and ruse08


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be heretical but that is really creepy.

Just like this guy who dances by himself - who needs a partner when you can enjoyt the pleasure of tango by yourself?

Tangocommuter said...

Nothing heretical in expressing an opinion! But I don't find either video creepy. I hope I'm not in a minority in finding the Terbalca video amusing: it just seems to be for fun, appropriate in milonga. The tango video seems slightly absurd, and I'm not sure if that was intended.

As to the video you post of the late Osvaldo Zotto (it should be here) I'm at a disadvantage since it's a dramatic kind of dance that I find too exaggerated. I don't enjoy it as tango or as some other form of contemporary dance. But it's not unusual for dancers to put on music and work through some moves alone. Tete, as it happened, died within a few days of Osvaldo Zotto, and there's a film of him here dancing alone (at the end), a curious echo of the Zotto film, although he brings a sense of humour to it...

Tangocommuter said...

Sorry, I got the wrong link there! The Tete film should be here

jamesy said...

Both videos Brought a smile to my face so they are ok by me
The 2nd video the that must be a heck of a connection to enable him to get through to the rear gunner who I have to say dances impeccably

Tangocommuter said...

The 'rear gunner' is Adela Galeazzi. Check her out on YouTube. She's even better dancing directly!

David Bailey said...

I've some experience dancing "double trouble" in Modern Jive and salsa (technique is similar in both dances). As the lead is based on the hand, it's quite possible to lead two women. It's even possible to lead two women to do separate things at the same time. In fact, that's a good exercise to do.

I've occasionally attempted this in Tango, but with extremely limited success. I'm not saying it's impossible, but to me, it just doesn't seem to work very well in AT.