Thursday, 22 April 2010

301 posts!

My 301st posting! How extraordinary. It's been an invaluable way of keeping track of myself, of articulating thoughts, of learning and communicating. &, amazingly, of meeting people, too. It's been wonderful. Thanks for reading this, thanks for all your comments.

The community of 'apilado' bloggers is wonderful: we communicate, share our discoveries, support each other, learn from each others' experience. There are friends out there I know well, and there are also friends out there I'll never meet. I sometimes wonder if 'new' dancers communicate like this... but I don't think they do. I think I would have come across their tango blogs, but I've seen nothing, no complaints about boring, old-fashioned would-be milongueros hugging each other on the floor and getting in the way of some really good voleos... & somehow it seems appropriate. We like to dance together, and we like to communicate and understand each other a bit, too. Un abrazo fuerte! Bailamos!

PS. The numbers seem to have gone awry. Google tells me this is #302.

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