Thursday, 10 December 2009

Interlude: I don't get a class with Myriam Pincen

Myriam Pincen, who used to dance with Ricardo Vidort, (watch them here) and who was often his dance assistant, is advertised to give a class at Salon Canning before the afternoon milonga. I arrive early. While waiting outside I notice this tree growing out of someone's front window: perhaps there's a courtyard inside. It has forced its way through the metal grill, and just kept on growing, creating shade over the pavement. I guess the owner is satisfied that no one is going to break in through that window.

I wander off for a coffee, passing a petshop window, where there are a black and a white rabbit, and three tiny siamese kittens neatly curled up asleep together. I find a little restaurant and order a coffee, watching the traffic pollution billow up in the sunshine outside. No sweet breezes today. The white tiles on the walls have comments written on them with felt-tip pens. 'If you want a taste of nirvana, eat at Quique's for a week.' All in different hands, one with a crude drawing of three fat people, others with elaborate decorations, all commenting on how good the food is at Quique's. Above it all, high up on the ceiling, a quote: 'No time is more precious than the present', attributed to Goethe. Goethe? I lived just off a busy London road for years and never found a cafe with a quote from Goethe.

Sadly, Myriam Pincen isn't giving the class. She has two other classes a week advertised: they too are canceled. I leave, disappointed. December isn't a good month for classes: everyone is winding down for Christmas. She has a great reputation as a teacher, but I don't think she's traveled a lot.


RealityPivots said...

Darn. I loved her class and would be interested in your experience. I hope you get together.

Tangocommuter said...

Thanks, RealityPivots! Yes, and I was looking forward to it. She teaches two other classes weekly, and they've also closed down until January: the listings aren't always updated. Thanks for the info about the practica: it sounds really useful, but with just a couple of weeks to christmas I doubt it's still running.

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Tangocommuter,

We recently got the chance to meet with Myriam Pincen at La Nacional this April. What an incredible dancer - Man Yung can speak from personal experience because she accepted his cabeceo! Not only is she talented, she is also funny and extremely beautiful and one of the nicest people we have met in the milongas. It's too bad that she hasn't traveled a lot to teach, we think that dancers have a lot to learn from her.

Irene and Man Yung