Tuesday, 15 December 2009


A kind friend drew my attention to this video recently.

The lead dancer is Ruben Terbalca, '...a former professor at the Tango University of Buenos Aires (1993-1996), tango historian, milonguero, and performer. He started dancing in 1956, and he has performed and lectured about tango for over 30 years. He has taught all over over the world, and his knowledge and skills have been internationally acclaimed'. True, he seems to have taught in every corner of the world, from Latvia to Seoul to San Francisco to Sweden, to Germany... and London? Well, I'm not sure that we've heard of him in London.

I'm curious where he got his candombe from: it's certainly a very entertaining performance. The music is hard to hear properly: the video says it's the Firpo Orquesta and the title is Tamboriles. I've got three Firpo CDs and it doesn't feature on any of them, so it's just going to remain hard to hear. I'm told he teaches in Buenos Aires, so I must look out for him if I'm ever there.

Video thanks to Ysikwon.


cassiel said...

Thanks for sharing this great video. May I contribute another video for showing the elegance of this dance?

In this post I've linked a candombe too.

It's also Tamboriles reading the YouTube-comments I think it is performed by Romeo Gavioli from Uruguay.

Greetings from Germany


Simba said...

Very nice! Sure put a smile on my face, and in a good way :-D

Tangocommuter said...

Many thanks, Cassiel. & the music is much clearer on the video you linked.

I looked up Romeo Gavioli: he was 'a composer of tangos and candombes', a singer, violinist and band leader. He worked in Buenos Aires for a number of years, particularly as a singer with the Edgardo Donato orquesta.