Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Eva Wolff

Since I'm always going on about the Orquesta Escuela: the BBC broadcast a short programme about Eva Wolff, a bandoneón player from Belgium, who won a scholarship to study with the Orquesta in 2001, and now lives and plays professionally in Buenos Aires: it should be here. It's in the Musical Migrants series.


Anonymous said...

It's gone from the BBC i-player now, sadly. Very interesting programme.

Claus said...

Loved the program! Managed to record it so I can play it again. Eva, you mentioned alternative venues in BsAs as opposed to the traditional tourist traps. Where can I find more about them on the web? The only place I was recommended 2 years ago was Fernandez Fierro. Hopefully there are loads more!!

Tangocommuter said...

Hi Claus, glad you liked the programme.

It's unlikely Eva saw this post, so I'll try and answer. Best BsAs listing is probably El Tangauta: you have to create a login then you can download the most recent listings as .pdf. It has interviews and articles too, often interesting. There are tourists at most venues some nights of the week, you just have to explore to find what you want. Fernandez Fierro is a band: if you know the names of bands you can usually find where they're playing via their websites, the listings or other internet searches.