Monday, 13 July 2009

Color Tango 2

This gives some idea of the performance. Sound quality is better for the first milonga: there was a dance performance. But it was open dancing during the second milonga and the tango, and it was a bit noisy.


Game Cat said...

Thanks for the vid.

Went on both nights. Thur there was floor space and decent dancers. Fri was too crowded. Just listened whole night long to perhaps the best tango band to have hit town in a looooong time.

Staying close to the stage, I could feel the air jump and pulse like a live thing to the music.

Hope they come back soon. More importantly I hope more dancers fall in love with the music, and don't treat it just as some pleasant background noise to move rhythmically to in a vaguely meaningless fashion.

Tango commuter said...

Pity I had to miss Thursday, but I got my fill of good vibrations on Friday. Not only the best tango band in a long time, but the best band generally! In front of the band was the only place to be that night. It's really exciting that tango with that energy is still being played. Thanks to Ivan for arranging it, and hope we can have more.