Saturday, 6 June 2009

The first simultaneous broadcast, ever.

An interesting and curious footnote to the posts a few weeks back on using video conferencing for learning from the older milongueros in Buenos Aires. A friend I dance with at Carablanca told me that at the bank she works in they use videoconferencing weekly with a large screen. I asked how it works, and she said it works fine (except: 'Why do we have to look at those people?'). So I outlined the idea of using VC for tango, and her eyes lit up: she thought it was a great idea. She then told me that Gardel, in the early 1930s, did a radio broadcast in which he was in New York and his guitarist was in Buenos Aires, and that it was the first simultaneous broadcast, ever.

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Henry ( said...

Sounds like a great idea, and with current web camera and video chat technologies, it's not even that expensive.

But I thought those older milongueros where hard to shake down for their wisdom and secrets ;)