Saturday, 30 May 2009

Grand endings

Reading some interesting ideas about grand endings... yes! that makes sense, and it's nice to have a good ending. But if you watch BsAs tango – check out some of the videos around – grand endings don't always feature. Essential in stage tango, of course, which is danced to be watched. I think what's essential in BsAs tango is connection*: you might have a great connection for a few moments of a tango, for a whole tango if you're lucky, or in some mythic, wonderful world, for a whole tanda.

One neat video somewhere (tangoandchaos probably, but I can't remember where) the couple fit some lovely moves to the music early on, then finish dancing before the end of the music. Whatever feels right: they'd had their moment. You've had a lovely intimate conversation: no need to ruin it by going out of your way to shout a platitude. & grand endings aren't inevitable in the music either: the music often ends in a bit of a throwaway fashion.

'It’s a song with a sentimental voice…
its beat is the rhythm of my city.
It's not vulgar,
and it's not pretentious.
It’s tango... and nothing more'

(From Rick McGarrey's translation of Una Emoción, tangoandchaos.)

* Connection with a partner AND with the music.

PS. Found it, the tango where the couple finish dancing before the end of the music. It's here. And that whole page on 'entrega' - getting lost - is very interesting.


Simba said...

I remember we got all hung up on grand endings when I just learned how to dance. Even if -- or maybe just because we had trouble actually predicting the final chords. So much to think about.

Now breathing with the phrases, so nice and wonderful things happen when the lady feels the music like me. No need for the grand finale. Just a simple closing, Bs As style.

Tango commuter said...


Tango commuter said...

...and 'breathing with the phrases'. I like that. Two teachers in BsAs talked about breathing, and it makes sense: the bandoneon breathes like the lungs, we hear how the music breathes. & a partner in Paris reminded me that by breathing in you lift your partner and help her round turns. & breathing well relaxes the whole body. Breathing is something teachers here ignore in their efforts to teach triple saccadas! Too easy!