Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ewa Kielczewska

As I walked into the Dome at the end of the class last night I could see something different. The dancers were neatly organised round the periphery and many were in some approximation to close hold: Eric Jeurissen was teaching. With over 20 years teaching experience he knows the answers. Sadly the organisation didn't last into the milonga but several good dancers came with him to brighten the evening.

But the real star (for me) was Ewa Kielczewska, partner of the late Ricardo Vidort, who looked after him up to his death in 2006. She sat at the edge of the floor in the company of Jill Barrett, sitting very upright and enjoying what she saw, and she danced too, a great pleasure to watch. Thanks for visiting us, Ewa.

It was a good opportunity to remember him. I took just one lesson from him, in the Dome in 2005, and it reassured me that the tango I wanted to dance wasn't an acrobatic display at arms' length: I learned a whole style of dance that evening. His warmth and energy filled the Dome: it's hard to believe he was terminally ill at the time.

Here he is in Buenos Aires.

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