Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I love this!

Sometimes I come across a tango video that really lifts me up, and this is one of them, uploaded very recently, although the milonga was in 2012. Many thanks for it, it's a real joy. 

(I still can't embed videos: the embed code gets printed in the post, with no video in sight. It's a pain!)

& I notice how much 'dip and lift' energises this dance! It's one of the clearest examples of what a good friend and teacher kept saying to me: Con el cuerpo! Con el cuerpo! [Dance] with the body! Meaning, not just with the feet. It's decisive and tender, physical and very gentle.

It's uploaded by Isabella Szymonowicz, who has a wonderful tango blog which I'd never noticed before. At a casual glance I read her posting on Juan Carlos Pontoriero (with whom she's dancing in the video), some clear and simple instructions on how to write a tango, and a really valuable link to a US site from which a pair of high quality suede stick-on soles, backed with an industrial-strength adhesive, can be purchased for about £16. & they ship internationally. Almost too good to be true. Other interesting possibilities for your shoes there. 

& other interesting posts on Isabella's blog. Oh yes, and an excellent interview with Alicia Pons.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful and incredible the online tango community is.
Thank-you all so much for taking a moment of your valuable time to look around my little blog.
It is fantastic finding more people around the world who share the same love of tango.

Tangocommuter said...

...and thank you for writing it, and I hope you'll continue to express your love of tango music and dance!

Just when I'm beginning to think the 'Golden Age' of the tango blog is over (so many seem to have expired in the past few years) it's great to find one that is alive and full of inspiration. Since I discovered tango a decade ago tango blogs (starting of course with TangoandChaos) have been a valuable source of information and pleasure for many of us. I hope this will continue!