Sunday, 2 February 2014

Silvia Ceriani

It's looking likely that Silvia Ceriani will be in Europe at the end of May.  In the UK in July she already has bookings as DJ at two milongas, and several workshops are planned.

Silvia was the late Tete's tango partner. They first visited Europe in 1995, at the invitation of Pina Bausch, who wanted to include tango in her piece, Nur Du. They started teaching in Wuppertal, and after that visited Europe regularly up until Tete's death 15 years later, teaching in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and elsewhere. They visited the UK just once, but not at all recently. She became an excellent dancer, and a teacher in her own right, always insisting, as Tete did, on the importance of the basics of the walk. Her English is excellent, and she's a lively and engaging talker.

Her contact in Europe is Nadine Million after 29 May. Anyone in the UK interested in meeting her or inviting her to teach or DJ can leave a message in the Comments to this post: I promise I won't publish it as a comment!

She's put forward a teaching agenda:


Becoming friends with the music. The rhythm, cadence and elegance of Tango Salón. Embrace makes the difference. The importance of the pause.

All levels

Differentiating between Tango and Waltz. Simple sequences, rhythm and movement on the dance floor

Medium and advanced

Simple sequences, musicality, balance. Changes in direction and turns in Tango Salón. Sequences and turns combined in waltz rhythm. The importance of the pause.

(I hear Tete shouting 'Pausa!' at me from his table during a milonga...)

It doesn't sound 'content rich' but in this type of tango there's a big emphasis on how it is danced. She can also give a talk on the development of tango music. (She's regular tango DJ at Salón Canning and at La Catedral.) I'm sure she could be persuaded to give a talk on Tete as she has a collection of short films about him, some of which aren't available on public sites like YouTube. There's also talk of organising a DJ workshop. All this is likely to happen between July 4 and 20.

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