Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I discovered recently that comments sometimes don't get through to me: I know for sure that comments by two people have failed to arrive. I thought I should post about this: perhaps it happens more widely, perhaps I'm not the only one. Perhaps there's a simple fix for it. If you can shine any light on this, please do send a comment. One clue seems to be that sometimes the usual statement '...your comment is awaiting approval' does NOT appear when you post a comment.

Now this is a bit of a delicate matter. For most of its eventful life Tangocommuter has been unmoderated. I found that even the most irritatingly trivial comments could sometimes provoke useful discussions, and I liked the immediacy of it: it felt like a forum, open to all voices. But I began to get weary of what seemed like self-promotion. Tangoimmigrant published a wonderful piece about this, wording it with a delicate good humour that I can't match. Anyway, recently I've been moderating comments. I don't exclude anyone, but I have excluded comments (a few) that don't seem to me to contribute anything at all to the discussion. & that's included comments that are way off-subject.

But comments not reaching me, even perhaps your insight as to why this might be happening, that's a real problem. So I've switched off the moderating option for now. I'd be very grateful if you could contact me with any similar experiences you've had with Blogger, any solutions you know of, any queries as to whether I received comments you sent and which didn't appear. If this has been at all regular I need to try and get an answer from Blogger.

Paul has already suggested that Blogger was updated a while back, and that this blog started before then, but I've checked up on that, and the software is automatically updated just by logging in. I can't find a version number, as you usually can with software, but I'm reasonably sure it's up-to-date. I think it's unlikely to be a problem at either the sender's PC or mine, but you never know. Maybe there's some obscure bug. But I want to be confident that if you send a comment I will receive it. Possibly I might not publish it, but I want to read it. Thanks!

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