Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cacho Dante in Asia

'Louis' kindly left this comment on my post a day or two ago:

'In case you have some friends coming to Asia in the near future, this is just to let you know that Cacho Dante will be coming to Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore during October-November. I understand that this will be the first time he is coming to Asia. This was made possible thanks to my good friends in Hong Kong.'

The post is a year old now, a year old to the day, as it happens, so I thought I should drag the comment out into the open in case anyone is in Asia, or thinking of going there. 

I took Cacho's classes a couple of years ago. I found him very disciplined and methodical in his teaching: he also takes trouble to observe everyone very carefully, and advise them on walk and posture. The stories he tells on his website suggest a lively, fun-loving guy, but he takes his tango teaching very seriously, and the classes are concentrated, hard work even, and an excellent preparation for long milonga nights. I've seen young portenos from those classes dancing in the milongas, and I thought they looked good. Tango teaching in classes is something new, but I believe that Cacho, balancing exercises with social dance with teaching sequences, has got it right. It's all in the approach: he's not teaching you to show off, he's teaching you to dance well, and he expects you to take him, and tango, seriously. Very, very welcome. The 'good friends in Hong Kong' who invited him are to be emulated!

His website has been updated and now has links to his YouTube videos, and photos of Cacho with his students around the world.

PS. Here is the blog page with dates from the organisers of the tour. 


Royce Chau said...

Thank you for mentioning Cacho's Asian tour on your blog. We are so thrilled to have him coming to Asia! I love your blog posts on Cacho's class, I shall share them with the Asian tangueros/tangueras. :-)

Tangocommuter said...

Many thanks for your comments, Royce Chau! I wish you some inspiring evenings with Cacho. Best wishes to the Asian tangueros/tangueras!

Chris said...

I'm sad to see it reported Cacho is now teaching sequences. I hope this report is mistaken.

Janis said...

To quote an interview with Cacho:
Tango is a feeling that you dance to, and the feelings have neither sequences nor choreographies.

From ReporTango, February 2002

Janis said...

Cacho repeated the statement above during his seminar on Sunday. I was there to translate for three Asians who are getting a preview of his teaching in Buenos Aires.