Monday, 19 December 2011

Comment moderation

I've enabled comment moderation to give myself a pause when comments come in. If a comment is brief and terse, even if it's friendly and well-meant, it can sound a bit confrontational, and I might feel I need to reply immediately. (This can happen with emails too.) But comment moderation means I can sit on a comment for a while, thinking what it's really about before publishing, and then replying if necessary.


JohnM said...

This post isn't true, is it John?
Not only have you enabled moderation you are censoring too those comments which contradict what you say.

You write with authority, yet you have no authority other than your own and that it is your blog. But others read your misleading views and newcomers to this dance may well believe them.

Just the same as there is more than one way to learn anything and that there are good and bad teachers and teaching of anything and everything, there are other views besides your own which now you are refusing to air.

You must know how to email me direct as this post is logged in on my Google account.

Tangocommuter said...

This comment is true. I'd rather spend time writing posts than answering comments, but I publish any comments on tango.

I have no authority whatsoever. This is a blog, and I write posts for myself only. You can ignore them if you wish. & you too can air your observations in a blog of your own.

This post may be logged into a Google account but Google doesn't give out email addresses. In any case, why should I want to email you? Beats me.