Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Emilio Balcarce 1918 - 2011

I've enjoyed the documentary Si sos brujo very greatly, and in particular the modest, enthusiastic and very youthful presence of Emilio Balcarce, so I was very saddened to read this in the most recent edition Nº 207 of Tito Palumbo's B.A. TANGO. I hope I can quote it:

Emilio Balcarce (b. Emilio Juan Sitano) on January 19, at the age of 92. Composer, violinist, bandoneonista, arranger and conductor. In 1939 and then in 1947 he conducted the orquesta that had Alberto Marino as singer. Later, he was part of the Edgardo Donato, Luis Moresco and Manuel Buzón orquestas. In 1949 he organised an orquesta that accompanied Alberto Castillo. Later that year he joined the orquesta of Osvaldo Pugliese, where he stayed for almost 20 years until the separation of a group of a group of musicians that formed the Sexteto Tango in 1968. He composed La bordona, Si sos brujo, Bien compadre, Mi lejana Buenos Aires, Qué habrá sido de Lucía, among others. He travelled far, in America, Europe and Asia. Since 2000 he dedicated himself to teaching as director of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, which was renamed in his honour in 2007 when he retired, and it was in this capacity that he took part in the documentary, Si sos brujo. He also took part in the show and film, Café de los Maestros.

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