Thursday, 21 April 2011

Some stats

I've been busy with an exhibition, which has sadly deprived me of tango time. But not for much longer!

In the meantime I've been looking at the Tangocommuter stats. Which have been the most-read of 400 posts? Well, nothing I've written! Top of the Tc charts turns out to be... Interview with Melina Sedó: part I with over 1,200 page views. Next, no surprise, are parts II and III, but with considerably fewer views. I was really pleased to find that the most-read post of mine was As good as it gets, the post with the video of that beautiful Cumparsita from Centro Leonesa. Of course it's not my writing that's attracted 217 hits; it's the video of Adela Galeazzi and Santiago Cantenys dancing, but I'm happy to have pointed out a video that so many people enjoyed.

Other than that, Tc gets read mainly in the UK and US, then Germany and then, surprisingly and gratifyingly, it's read quite a bit in Argentina too. But it's the bottom end of the scale that fascinates me: the two visitors from Iran, two from the Palestinian Territory, one visitor from Nepal, and one from Pakistan too. Two Egyptians, two (only two?) from South Africa, one from Morocco. Welcome! I hope you'll be back! Even more, I hope you have, or will be able to get tango where you live!

&, if you're in London, in the unlikely event that you have nothing to do on April 25, or if you're near Bankside, it's our closing party. No tango, but do drop by for a glass or two.

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Tango Therapist said...

Señor Tango commuter: I am glad that you mentioned you stats. I am amazed too. I just discovered stats on my blog in March. In that month I had 98 hits from Romania. What is going on there? Also, as you, I have visitors from Iran -- a bunch. But I go to a "Persian" milonga near DC and that is why I thought I was getting hits from there. Who knows? I appreciate your blog discussions. Thanks for your contributions!