Thursday, 10 March 2011

Allison at Cachirulo

Here's Allison having a great time on the floor at Cachirulo in El Beso just last night. Last time I saw her dance was with Pedro Sanchez and it was... a bit more restrained.

& that music! Bluegrass meets canyengue! I like it, but canyengue appeals to me. Canyengue is fun.

PS. I love it that the 'demos' at Cachirulo are always the local folk with some event - a birthday, an anniversary - to celebrate. They aren't all perfect, although the best are fantastic. (Refreshing after some of the demos from professional teachers we get in London...)


jantango said...

I had a different opinion of the video. Allison is well-endowed and the dance appeared to draw attention to it. I noticed the men are enjoying the exhibition for that reason. I hope viewers around the world don't think this is normal for a milonga, because it's not. Cachirulo is turning into a "three-ring circus" in my opinion. The opening video at Villa Malcolm is another example.

I wanted to press the delete key when I viewed Allison having her dance orgasm with Pancho. It's horrible. It seems as though she is trying to make a name for herself -- nothing new in the tango world.

Tango is danced to tango music with an embrace. This video had nothing to do with tango in my opinion. It's about marketing the milonga to foreigners.

La Reina said...


La Reina said...

What disappeared from the above comment is this: MEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW

Joli said...

Thank goodness we will never have to witness on Youtube the carnage of Janis having a tango orgasm. Her toxic black glass heart would shatter lacerating and mortally wounding all the milongueros.
Thank you Janis for taking on the burden of being the Tango Joykill, someone has to do it, and we can all see you give it 1000% of your energy, and for free too!
Bless you Santa Janis el corazón de cristal negro del tango.

Tina Ferrari said...

To go out of your way to be so mean to someone in public, Janis, that really hurts my heart. You don't know Allison and you don't know this situation.

Pancho was recognized at the Tuesday Cachirulo - you don't go to this milonga so you probably aren't aware, but every Tuesday they invite one of their regulars to dance with the partner of their choice. Pancho asked Allison to dance with him. So your nasty-spirited "trying to make a name for herself" is just not true. What was she supposed to say, "no"? I'd have happily accepted to dance too, were I invited.

Cachirulo is a family, and Pancho is one of their own, and this is his "thing". His way.

I am not without my own critical opinions about people's dancing or style, etc., but I stand by this: before you jump on someone like that, try to think about the fact that the person you are attacking is a human being with their own life experiences and their own heart and their own pain. Think before you speak.

Elizabeth said...

What is missing from Janis's comment is some sort of female responsibility. Our Allison from Seattle is a very sweet young person. As an older woman you have some ability to support, to be an advisor if this is appropriate.
As a mother and grandmother, and a friend of many young women, I see a very sad trend towards cutting down someone you could be a mentor to. Sure Allison is well endowed. Sure she is beautiful, young. Sure maybe some take adavantage. But jeesh. Be nice.

Anonymous said...

Just a guy's perspective, but assuming we're talking about the parts where they just dance chest to chest, I took that to be him complimenting her on her connection and being able to follow without the "safety net" of his arms.

Sure it's a bit showy, but this is meant to be a fun performance between friends, right?

Preen&Ogle said...

I have danced with Allison both in private classes when she worked with Pedro Sanchez and in various milongas when she was nice enough to accept my cabeceo. She was aways kind and never flashy in her dance. Always a nice embrace and a pleasure to dance with. Get a life Jantango! These were just people having fun.

Frances R said...

They might be nice people having fun, good for them! But the dancing looks inelegant, caricature, borderline obscene. "Fun" does not mean "anything goes". As much as I admire tolerance and inclusiveness of some Buenos Aires milonga hosts, it is sad to see the quality of dancing and good taste evaporating. I regret I saw the video in question, and taken in Cachirulo, no less, that used to be one of my favorite milongas.

jantango said...

So tango classes or the milonga has an embrace, but when one is being filmed for YouTube, then anything goes to show the world how much FUN it is!

I want to see videos of female tango dancers in London willing to duplicate this fun performance in front of a howling audience.

Anonymous said...

Janis, it was simply a playful performance, thus it is fine to draw attention to yourself. It made me want to dance with her.

You don't always have to take things so seriously. I bet you had a wild side when you were a bit younger. Go ahead, remember what it was like to be carefree. Smile.

: )

Anonymous said...

Jan..there's nothing wrong with being old..or young & sexy....why did it affect you so much? Relax...don't take it to the extreme...I think you need to remember the spirit of's also about fun! You almost made me think you were reacting from some kind of insecurity or inferiority complex. Lets celebrate women & men as sensual beings...young or old. Chill.