Monday, 24 January 2011

Pedro Sanchez and Rosanna Remon

I made a mistake a few weeks ago: I titled a post 'As good as it gets'. I had a feeling at the time that this was unwise. It highlighted a wonderful piece of dancing, Adela Galeazzi and Santiago Cantenys, but we live in such a wonderful decade that within weeks there's bound to be another wonderful piece of dance on YouTube, and the title suggested that all the others will always be inferior. & that's what's happened.

Pedro Sanchez and Rosanna Remon. They're not in the romantic setting of the last tanda at Centro Leonesa around 4am, with just two other couples left on the floor. It's daylight, and they're in someone's neat but not too spacious kitchen, with a CD player on the worktop. Does it matter?

It seems absurd to me that she's not known in London: as far as I'm aware she's never visited. She's Argentine, teaches and lives not that far away in Milan, so she's at least an EU resident, possibly a citizen. Wouldn't it be great to see her here every once in a while, to get some workshops, perhaps? I like the way she looks completely absorbed in her dance, which is so uncluttered by superfluous ornaments that even the slightest toe tap (and they are slight) attracts attention. There are very few videos of her: the other five are of her dancing with Tete when he taught in Italy.

It's great to see Pedro dancing with her. Many thanks to Jantango for filming and uploading this.

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Anonymous said...

Rosanna and Pedro are dancing in her cousin's one-room studio in BsAs. I thought it would be nice if they improvised three dances for filming. It's clear that Pedro doesn't require a big floor to dance.

Rosanna is a busy teacher for almost 20 years in Milan and doesn't have the need or desire to travel; she did that as Tete's partner.