Friday, 17 September 2010

Pedro milonguero

I've just heard that a Dutch student and friend of Pedro Sanchez has set up a website for him, at Pedromilonguero. If you've met Pedro and learned from him, please post a testimonial about what he´s like as a teacher and dancer.


tangocherie said...
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La Milonga Del 126 said...

I took a private lesson from Pedro in March 2010. I had been studying his videos on YouTube and thought the least I could do was send a little business his way. I learned a sacada, but more importantly was the advice he gave me. "Dance with your whole body". Pedro can easily be found dancing at El Beso on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I will post a video from his class soon on my blog.

Tangocommuter said...

Hi 126, and I look forward to your video. In fact I hope you can post more than one video of Pedro!

& please do go to and leave a record of your appreciation. It will help him in a number of ways.